1 Earth City NFT + Web AR Project

Value Proposition

We will use Web AR tools to geolocate digital art into famous museums and locations throughout the world without asking for permission. Our good natured provocations will spark conversations about how we use Augmented Reality (AR) technology in public and private spaces. These art interventions will get attention, make the digital art assets more unique, and therefore more valuable.

One way to measure the value is by designing an NFT Art Project using the ! Earth City archive of over 135,000 image files from photography shoots of children from 170 countries. All these children were photographed living in New York City, a central location. The images and data will be decentralized on servers throughout the world using blockchain technology. Additionally and more prominently, the images will be viewable as Web AR art exhibits that can be geolocated anywhere the internet reaches.

Why Web AR?



How will the exhibit be triggered to start and again at intermediate points?

Is it possible to leave no physical trace of the AR exhibit anywhere on or in the buildings?

Can the MIT seal on the wall in the Atrium trigger this AR exhibit experience?

What is the smartest system of stealthy waypoints?